Other Endeavors

The Peru Project is a mother and daughter project which aims to promote literacy, education, and the arts for the children and their families of rural Huaripampa, in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Go to theperuproject.com to find out more about this wonderful project.



Gracie, the Blue Lacy.

Gracie, the Blue Lacy is is Renata's children's picture book about the Texas State Dog. The Blue Lacy is an amazing dog breed and Texas is an amazing state. This charming story is about a dog who goes from ranch to city life and finds the true meaning of the Texas State Motto-Friendship! There are nineteen state icons pictured in this book as well as a summary page about the Lacy brothers and how the Blue Lacy came to be the Texas State Dog. www.texasstatedog.com Yee haw!


Be Your Own Guru

This T-shirt is sure to get lots of attention. Renata blurted out this phrase during a conversation with a dear friend and was so fired up that she made a t-shirt with the saying, "Be Your Own Guru." Renata knows that inner growth is an inside job and whether you like it or not, eventually you have to do the work on your own. Like her artwork, her shirts present both a deep and humorous way to look at life. $22 S/M/L


Paintbrush Forest "Tree"

"Tree" is an all-ages, collaborative book illustrated by 30 local artists (Renata included). Copies will be available in 2011, and there will be an online auction of the original art to pay for printing costs. For more info about this project, go to the website www.paintbrushforest.com. All proceeds benefit The Haw River Assembly.



Renata McConnell


" I be in my studio!" See the "I be in my studio" video